Art & Artists

Susana Uvidia

An Ecuadorian artist who lives and works in London, held an exhibition at the Embassy in September 2020. It had originally been planned for March but had to be cancelled due to COVID 19. It was fortunate that it could take place when it did.

The title of her exhibition was Going Native in responds to her personal experience of living outside Ecuador.  As she says: “I am interested in identifying who am I? My cultural awareness was not predominant in my home country. It was in Europe; I realised my understanding of my historical roots is fundamental to my identity. My artistic practice centres on my interpretative struggle of my identification. It responds to the European stereotype of the “other”. And, it links to the almost ignored Andean diaspora”.

Susana’s works include painting, sculpture, and ceramics. She looks for materials that have the potential for a bold aesthetic impact but essentially that questions the social and political history of the materials themselves. “I make geometric compositions with freedom of forms in which colour achieves power. The careful balance of harmony and dissonance in my works, combined with my vibrant colour palette, are evidence of critical reflections of the female presence, in a peaceful but dominant way, in this male-dominated world”.

To see more of Susana’s work check out her Instagram account and her website.


Instagram: @susana_uvidia

Mentor Chico

Mentor Chico was born in Guaranda, Ecuador. In 1993 he obtained his degree in Fine Art in the Central University of Ecuador.

​His artworks are naive, playful and happy, where he expresses dynamic colours and shapes. Mentor’s work is also spontaneous and aggressive depending on the circumstances and environment where every piece has been created.

In his painting we can see all the colours from his home town in Ecuador. Predominating red like a fire, yellow and green melting together in its own shapes, visual explosions that travel to the subconscious of the audience.